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Creditors Settlments

Protecting your business brand with trademark registration in Israel and worldwide.

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Personal Economic Rehabilitation

We protect the design of your products with design registrations in Israel and worldwide.

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We protect your rights in artistic and literary works against copyright infringement.

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Dismissal Order

We negotiate and prepare effective IP agreements.

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Insolvency Family Law

We manage all your IP assets in Israel and worldwide.

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Business Solutions

We manage all your IP assets in Israel and worldwide.

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Michael Decker

has been practicing law for over a decade. A partner in the Cohen, Decker, Pex and Brosh group Serves as legal counsel for companies in the high-tech and tourism fields, A founding partner of the Israeli Association for Democracy and Justice Among other things, Michael specializes in intellectual property and trademark law.

Nechama Ovadia

Advocate Nechama Ovadia specializes in administrative law: in the fields of immigration to Israel, including family reunification, visas, Aliyah to Israel, humanitarian applications, and in municipal law, insolvency law representing creditors and debtors in bankruptcy cases, and more.

Anat Levi

Advocate Anata Levi specializes in family law and is a licensed mediator.